If you’ve ever been a buff for the L.A. of the 40’s and 50’s you’ll love “Flashes of Light – a Story about Helen Brush.”


This documentary project currently underway explores the life and work of an extraordinary woman: Helen Brush Jenkins.


Helen was arguably the first female news photographer in the US – taking the job after her husband Gib Brush, a staff photographer for the L.A. Daily News was selected to the Special Services as a war photographer during WWII.


In order to feed the family, Helen got a “shot” as a news photographer for the L.A. daily paper where she parlayed a one week “trial” into a decades long career, becoming an award winning photographer and joining her husband after his return from the war to document the lives of stars, politicians, gangsters, and actors captured in photos from the 40’s through the early 60’s in and around Los Angeles.


This piece is a retrospective on her work her family and the tragedies and triumphs through the fierce journey of her life.


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Flashes of Light

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